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How often have you heard that? Or better yet, how many times have you asked it? For instance, "How cold does it get in Jun...

Re: Posting Vids In Trail Towns
kiwi stu - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
Thanks for reply Big Foot Hunter. Any Gopro users out there that can tell me what they do ? Cheers Stu...

Re: Posting Vids In Trail Towns
Bigfoot_Hunter - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
I'd be surprised if there were computers for you to use in the towns along the PCT. I plan on using my phone or bring a laptop t...

Re: Posting Vids In Trail Towns
kiwi stu - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
Sorry guys,i somehow deleted a paragraph when posting. after i have made my movie and its on the desktop,i then open youtube,log...

Posting Vids In Trail Towns
kiwi stu - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
I have been watching peoples hikes on Youtube and am planning to do the same, and post my hike as I go. I have a Gopro,Sticpic a...

CDT Class Of 2016
wmcatty - Fri, Sep 25, 2015
Are there any hikers preparing for the CDT in 2016? If so, please post up either a pre-hike journal or leave your posts in here...

Re: New Hike Planner, CDT Added
postholer - Tue, Sep 22, 2015
For all you CDT enthusiasts, the CDT has been added to the hike planner. If would like to see additional resupply locations adde...

Re: European Visitor PCT
Leo - Sun, Sep 20, 2015
I think you can get all necessary info from this place here (Postholer), you just need to search around a bit. There got a new s...

Re: European Visitor PCT
Vincent94DH - Sat, Sep 19, 2015
Thank you for the information. Do you know a good website where i can find all the information about everything i need for PCT (...

Re: European Visitor PCT
bobjob - Sat, Sep 19, 2015
I did not do all of it last year(parts of my body complained with increasing pain), but it is doable, no matter from where you a...

European Visitor PCT
Vincent94DH - Fri, Sep 18, 2015
Hi i am a student from Belgium and when i am done with college i want to complete the PCT on my own. Is it possible for people w...

Wife Lost One Hand In Accident
willyswalking - Sun, Sep 13, 2015
My wife and I are planning a thru-hike of the PCT in the next couple of years. My wife lost her left hand about 3 inches up from...

Recent Journal Entrys

October 4, 2015
AT - pprovost - Yesterday
October 4, 2015 Sunday Day 114 Miles about 1387 Betsy's entry: We awoke at our tent site near The Priest shelter to hear the wind bellowing like an oncoming train. Yep: still raining...
On To Cumbres Pass
Entry Image
CDT - Jo - Yesterday
August 8. Elevation, 10,905. It rained until the wee hours of the morning. We heard the wind rushing through the trees over us and were grateful to be under them protected from the relentless ...
Queueing Up For Next Spring
Entry Image
PCT - LaGrangePoints5 - Sat, Oct 3, 2015
All summer long I thought a lot about where I will be a year from now. And Im just now done with that, because a year from today I start back to work with my hike completed. I started thinking...
The Trip Home Begins
Entry Image
AT - chaseat99 - Fri, Oct 2, 2015
Rather than spend another night in a Hostel where neither of us sleep well we took the shuttle to Medway then a bus to Bangor. A motel is very relaxing. And I'll need relaxing by the time the ...
Journal Entry
Entry Image
AT - Tjb02141993 - Tue, Sep 29, 2015
Met back up with 5 other thru-hikers I was with a couple weeks ago so I ended up staying at the shelter in town for tonight. The shelter has hot showers, power outlets and a microwave and the ...
Final Thoughts
Entry Image
PNT - markdavis - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
It is clearly not going to work out to return to complete the hike this year. The damage to the house, deck and shed was extensive. I am still negotiating with the insurance company and contra...
Entry Image
AT - Meraki - Mon, Sep 28, 2015
I have decided I'm going to journal on Blogspot instead. When more 2020 hikers join Postholer I'd love to hear from you over at Blogspot.
Entry Image
PCT - widowmaker - Sun, Sep 27, 2015
WELCOME to our online journal! This is new to me, so I hope to figure it all out before we embark on our Pacific Crest Trail hike in the spring of 2016. ABOUT US: We are a family of 3 current...
Journal Entry
Entry Image
CDT - wmcatty - Thu, Sep 24, 2015
Our Gear Update: The Little Monkey and I have been accumulating hiking equipment for about a month now. "We" started researching all the available website reviews I could find. After...
Final Thoughts And Realizations
Entry Image
PCT - tpotter - Wed, Sep 23, 2015
What did I learn? I didn’t really learn any profound lessons. This is partly because I am old. I’m pretty sure that if I was younger, I would have learned a couple of good lessons...
Some Thoughts
Entry Image
PCT - dpex - Mon, Sep 21, 2015
Well, I am now back in civilization. It is a curious thing about the trail. Toward the end I was thinking how it doesn't really have to end at Manning Park. Rather arbitrary. The trees...
Day 172: Manning Provincial Park, BC, Canada
Entry Image
PCT - d-c-nelson - Mon, Sep 21, 2015
It rained torrentially in spells till about 2 AM, with wind gusts up to 30 mph. Because my tarp site was chosen after it had rained hard for a few hours, it was easy to pick a site with no sta...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

AT photo

Hiker Bed at Blackburn AT Center

WeatherGuy - AT - Sep 26, 2009 - 26 September 2009 Mp 1001.0
Lousy day out on the trail.

Slept great--best in almost three weeks. Red Dawn cooked pancakes for breakfast. After a bear claw it was time to pack out. The forecast was for rain beginning by 1500 and lasting until 0900 tomorrow. We left the hostel at 0810. The rain began at 0815. By the time we arrived at Snickers Gap (0.7 mi) it was pouring and the wind was howling.

We had a couple more climbs before the end of the roller coaster and the Virginia / West Virginia state line. The rain ended just before the state line but the wind didn't slow down. As long as I was moving I was somewhat comfortable, but when we slowed down it was chilly.

I ran out of water way too early today so I was getting thirsty about this time. Eating the pizza last night and not tanking up before leaving was my fault. Live and learn.

I guess we crossed the Devil's Racecourse but I don't remember it. At one point we came to the top of a ridge and happened to try our cell phones and actually had a great signal. We were amazed. A few steps later we saw the cell tower about 100 feet away.

From talking with hikers at the Bears Den, most were headed to the next shelter, including us. When we arrived at the Blackburn turnoff we decided to at least go down for water. I'm sure there is a crowd there tonight.

We arrived here at 1215. Its not what I expected. I thought it would be like the Bears Den. It isn't. There is a free hiker bunk house with four double bunks. Inside is a wood stove. We fired up the stove and started warming. One woman was here waiting for her three friends to arrive. We agreed to share the bunk house. The friends arrived shortly after.

The women are nurses and are great company. They are section hiking parts of the AT over a series of years. Technically, there is room for two more people but if anyone shares my bunk they better be small. As usual, the bunks are short and I need to sleep on a diagonal.

Staying here will extend our hike by about three miles tomorrow to around 12 miles. I made a reservation at a motel for tomorrow for one night. I'll be wet and hungry and a warm, dry room sounds pretty good right now.

Cell phone info. I have texting, voice, and browser service.

That's about all for now. Take care. Dave

Congratulations Scott and Nikki.

Low Temperature: 54.5
High Temperature: 59.6
Weather: Cloudy, windy, with rain

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