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Pacific Crest Trail

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for first timers and old timers.
Planning Synopsis - A short and simple hike planning guide.
Resupply - All the major resupply locations along the PCT.
Gear Lists - Complete gear lists of those that walked the walk.
Plans - Actual, complete plans/schedules used by thru-hikers.
Register - Sign the register! The virtual trailhead register for section or thru-hikers.
Stockmen - For those who travel the trail with their 4 hooved friends.
Join a Trail Crew - For a day or week, learn more about the joy of giving back.

PCT Pocket Maps - the most current PCT maps available!
Pacific Crest Trail Google Map - trail trace, mileages, elevations, resupply, etc.
JMT Map & Data Book - Free online map set and data book (available in PDF).
Fire Perimeters - Interactive map of active fire perimeters.
Earthquake Map - 30 day interactive earthquake map along the PCT.

Data Book - Old online version, before 5th edition maps/data book.
Elevation Profiles - from the 5th edition maps. The most current available.
Photo Atlas - 7,000+ flora and landscape photos geo-referenced.

Links - A plethora of PCT links for all of your needs.
News - Trail news specific to the PCT.
Report Bikes on the PCT - Document bike encounters along the PCT.

Trail Conditions
Snow Depth - daily update of NOAA snow depth map.
Snow Conditions - Current and historical conditions. Weather, too!

Recent Forum Posts

Re: Class Of 2015
Sundown - Thu, Jan 29, 2015
Hi fellow hikers, I plan to be part of the PCT class of 2015. I hiked it 7 years ago and will be hiking it again this spring. ( ...

Re: FYI - Hiker Heaven Closing
Gary Schenk - Mon, Jan 26, 2015
The closing of HH is indeed a sad, sad day. I am in the 2015 group and feel like something has been taken away from the experien...

Re: FYI - Hiker Heaven Closing
enyapjr - Mon, Jan 26, 2015
Yes, something/someplace very special will not be available for 2015 & future hikers - but you will still find many special ...

Re: FYI - Hiker Heaven Closing
derail - Sun, Jan 25, 2015
The closing of HH is indeed a sad, sad day. I am in the 2015 group and feel like something has been taken away from the experien...

FYI - Hiker Heaven Closing
enyapjr - Sun, Jan 25, 2015
FYI - Hiker Heaven is closing... see <>... For those w/o Facebook, the following was posted on the "Pacific Crest T...

Re: Class Of 2015
bob39 - Sat, Jan 24, 2015
Going solo sobo starting at Cascade Locks starting May 23. You'll pass me, an old man walking. I'll save a Snickers for ya....

Re: Filmmaker Seeks Military Veterans Hiking In 2015
shakenbake - Sat, Jan 24, 2015
Thanks for contacting me Bob! I replied via email. Regards,Shake'nbake!...

Re: Filmmaker Seeks Military Veterans Hiking In 2015
bobncasey - Fri, Jan 23, 2015
Shakenbake. I am Vet and I plan to hike the CDT this year. I'll send you an email....

Re: VVR Near PCT Resupply At East Side Of Lake Ediso
Miner - Wed, Jan 21, 2015
At least this way you spare yourself an expensive bill when you leave VVR. In 2009, I resupplied over Kearsarge Pass and had en...

Re: Route Planning Advice?
Miner - Wed, Jan 21, 2015
Oregon will likely be burried in snow at that time. In high snow years, the trail was still buried in early July in Oregon. W...

Re: Route Planning Advice?
enyapjr - Tue, Jan 20, 2015
No reason to waste time & money skipping around - start at Campo and go as far as your time allows. The majority of thrus s...

Route Planning Advice?
buffalobass - Sat, Jan 17, 2015
Hey y'all, First time posting, hope it's in the right place. So, I'm able to be hiking from early May-early/mid Sept. I was th...

Recent Journal Entrys

Leaving For Roanoke Today
AT - chaseat99 - Yesterday
Going up to my brothers in Roanoke today. We leave from there tomorrow morning working out way south. Jamie my brothers son form...
Way Too Much Time Spent Planning
PCT - DJoseph2015 - Thu, Jan 29, 2015
I have had a lot of time to think and plan this trip in the last year and half. I have spent countless hours making a daily sche...
More Equipment
Entry Image
AT - Gorp-Gobbler - Thu, Jan 29, 2015
Since it's rainy today, I thought I'd stay inside and update this journal with some more pictures of the equipment I'...
Amazing Day
Entry Image
PCT - qsquest 15 - Tue, Jan 27, 2015
Yesterday was one of those January days that remind me spring isn't far away, sunny and 61 degrees. I didnt want to waste it so ...
Road Walk In To St. Marks 24 Miles Start
FT - brianle - Sun, Jan 25, 2015
As planned, we did a road walk around the flooded Aucilla Sinks area. It really wasn't bad; good quality dirt road with esse...
FLipFlop/Head Start Kick Off
Entry Image
AT - jimmyjam - Fri, Jan 23, 2015
I've tweaked my starting day so I can be in Harper's Ferry for the first FlipFlop Start Kick Off. Time seems to be crawling by n...
My Master Plan.......
Entry Image
AT - StarMan - Wed, Jan 21, 2015
So This year's plan is to hit the trail on or about May 1, 2015Leg one: Marion/Atkins, VA to Harpers Ferry, VATake some comb...
How To Talk Like A PCT Hiker
Entry Image
PCT - home2020 - Wed, Jan 21, 2015
Like any subculture, hiking has developed its own lingo. For friends and family unfamiliar with this language, here are some of ...
Moonshine And 2nd Rounds
Entry Image
AT - BigBro+LilSis - Tue, Jan 20, 2015
Entry one of many more to come. It's still oober hard to believe this is real, Appalachia 2015. Pinch me, snap, crackle, and pop...
Pre Hike 4 Trail Names
Entry Image
PCT - MonarchandWow - Tue, Jan 20, 2015
How, you may well ask, did we get our trail names? It started back at the beginning of this century when Monarch and I started &...
Mad Cows
Entry Image
PCT - Calikota22 - Sun, Jan 18, 2015
Having gone to bed the night before by 7:00pm, I was awake and ready to go early at 4:30am. I got up, made some coffee, ate some...
The Trail
PCT - somendn - Fri, Jan 16, 2015
Osiyo The PCT is approx 2660 miles long starting in Campo Ca right on the border of Mexico. It follows the crest of the mountain...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Which way to Canada?

Stilts - PCT - Aug 7, 2008 - Washington!
Steve reached Cascade Locks fairly early in the afternoon yesterday and the gang was all there: Sweetfish, Truant, Hearsay, Sheik Olivier, Bido and others. Steve said about 10 thru-hikers were all in town. I didn't get all of their names. Steve managed to get a ride to Portland, OR so he could go to the REI there. He bought a new water filter cartridge and socks. He returned to Cascade Locks, where he spent last night in a motel. His plan is to take a leisurely start this morning and not cover too many miles. However, he's only carrying 5 days of supplies to get him 150 miles to White Pass, so he can't afford to be too slow.Steve's hike today looks quite steep out of the Columbia River Valley- more than 3,000 feet up. I haven't read any other hiker journals from WA, so I don't know what the snow conditions are. I do know that WA has a reputation for being beautiful.Steve officially has a plane ticket back to Maine- he will fly out of Seattle on Monday, September 8th. I think he will finish the PCT well before that time, but he wants to spend some time with friends. He lived in Seattle for a year about 7 years ago, so he knows the area.

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