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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for first timers and old timers.
Planning Synopsis - A short and simple hike planning guide.
Resupply - All the major resupply locations along the PCT.
Gear Lists - Complete gear lists of those that walked the walk.
Plans - Actual, complete plans/schedules used by thru-hikers.
Register - Sign the register! The virtual trailhead register for section or thru-hikers.
Stockmen - For those who travel the trail with their 4 hooved friends.
Join a Trail Crew - For a day or week, learn more about the joy of giving back.
Trail App Reports - View all reports submitted from the Postholer Trail App.

Pacific Crest Trail Google Map - trail trace, mileages, elevations, resupply, etc.
Mt San Jacinto - 1:30K maps from Hwy 74 to I-10.
JMT Map & Data Book - Free online map set and data book (available in PDF).
Overview Maps - 71, 1:100K maps and 29, 1:250K maps in PDF format.
Fire Perimeters - Interactive map of active fire perimeters.
Earthquake Map - 30 day interactive earthquake map along the PCT.

Data Book - Old online version, before 5th edition maps/data book.
Elevation Profiles - from the 5th edition maps. The most current available.
Photo Atlas - 7,000+ flora and landscape photos geo-referenced.

Links - A plethora of PCT links for all of your needs.
News - Trail news specific to the PCT.
Report Bikes on the PCT - Document bike encounters along the PCT.

Trail Conditions
Snow Depth - daily update of NOAA snow depth map.
Snow Conditions - Current and historical conditions. Weather, too!

Recent Forum Posts

Late Season In The PNW
North 350 Blades - Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Here it is mid September already. Since the last post on Aug 12, the North 350 Blades have been at it pretty hard. At that tim...

Re: Newbie Seeking Advice On Thru-hike By Flip-Flop
lacrose - Sat, Sep 13, 2014
This is a little late but as we've seen the So-Cal mountains have been deluged with monsoon rains in Aug. Will this help the wa...

Re: Anyone For A Swim?!
postholer - Tue, Sep 9, 2014
Thank the fine folks at the ATC and Maine AT Club for contracting a ferry service, free for hikers. You can read more about the...

Anyone For A Swim?!
pfletch101 - Tue, Sep 9, 2014
The map of the trail shows it as crossing the Kennebec river at around 45.235876N, 70.001424W, in northern Maine. As far as I ca...

Re: CLASS OF "2015"
flip_flop - Sun, Aug 24, 2014
Hello! I am Flip/Flop, I am starting out from Harpers Ferry WV on April 06, 2015 to reduce the environmental impact on Springer ...

Re: Need Help Getting To Trail At Sisters, OR
glenn - Sat, Aug 23, 2014
It is probably less expensive to fly into Portland. CoBreeze is the private shuttle from Portland down to Redmond and Bend. From...

Any Way To Add Private Markers?
Trusty - Wed, Aug 20, 2014
Is there any way to make a marker "private" so that it's only visible to my login? It would be really handy to be ab...

Need Help Getting To Trail At Sisters, OR
Tamela Stafford - Sat, Aug 16, 2014
I'm planning to rejoin my uncle on trail around Sisters. I'm flying from NC and want ideas on best way. I was thinking of flyi...

Re: Cheers To The Mt. Hood Chapter
North 350 Blades - Thu, Aug 14, 2014
All I can say is WOW! The Mt. Hood Chapter cleared over 1,000 logs from the PCT and feeder trails this year - 826 by chainsaw, ...

Heart Of Trail Maintenance Season In The PNW
North 350 Blades - Tue, Aug 12, 2014
Here we are in mid August already. The class of 2014 is flying north, with lots of thru hikers here in central / northern Washi...

Need Advice On Mudslide/landslide
naturesmitten - Mon, Aug 11, 2014
Early this summer, I hiked a waterfall trail in the OR gorge and came upon a difficult slide to cross. It was very slanted and h...

Recent Journal Entrys

Gear - Stoves And Cooking
Entry Image
PCT - Kevin Taylor - Today
Before the PCT I used an alcohol stove but left Campo with a butane/propane canister stove because of fire restrictions in south...
Thru-Hiker Tips
Entry Image
PCT - SlowBro - Yesterday
Here are a few tips that I learned on my thru-hike. There is nothing revolutionary here, but I thought it might be useful so her...
Entry Image
PCT - Trixie Lou - Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Well, I did it. 5 months, 9 days, and 2,660 miles after beginning at the Mexican border, I walked into Canada. I am awash in emo...
Leaving White Pass
Entry Image
PCT - vickiclift - Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Wow. Washington state. I met a guy on trail who summed it up perfectly. "Washington is not Oregon". No kidding. Oregon was, in h...
On The Way Home
Entry Image
PCT - Big Jerr - Thu, Sep 18, 2014
As we travel home on train , can't help but think of ALL the wonderful hikers we just spent a month in the wilderness with , nam...
Our Final Cache
HT - pinky - Wed, Sep 17, 2014
Two states and six caches and we could finally head to Moab to start the hiking part of the adventure. Full journal entry here.....
Entry Image
PCT - vagrans - Wed, Sep 17, 2014
Hokay friends! I made it to canada! Two summers, 2668 miles and lots and lots of other things besides. Lessee, in my last post I...
Finishing The 100 Mile Wilderness
Entry Image
AT - mattlessner - Tue, Sep 16, 2014
We cranked out the last 23 miles or so to finish the 100 Mile Wilderness section of the trail today. The conditions were wet and...
Entry Image
AT - grimtongue - Mon, Sep 15, 2014
Bemis Mountain lean to/Rangely ME Not much to write home about today. We managed another pretty big day at almost 18 miles. We w...
GR20 Corsica Day 8
Entry Image
OTHER - CiscoCombs - Sun, Sep 14, 2014
Vizzavona is a train stop in the mountains. At one time it was a bustling summer retreat for local Corsicans, as well as interna...
In Salida
Entry Image
CDT - James M - Sun, Sep 14, 2014
Aww, Colorado in the fall... The aspens are turning gold, the high peaks have a dusting of snow, and that brilliant sun seems to...
A Day On The Colorado Trail--a Woman And Her Dog
Entry Image
CT - Jo - Sun, Sep 14, 2014
The light leaks in through tent walls and darkness turns to grey; another morning is coming and I stir, anticipating shedding th...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Good Balance

Adventure Duo - PCT - Jun 15, 2007 - Vermilion Valley Resort
Got up early again this morning to climb to the top of Selden Pass (10,900 feet). It was a totally sweet walk - the grade was really gentle and we went past some nice lakes (Sally Keyes Lakes and Heart Lake). Took a short break up top to eat a candy bar and watch a marmot, then headed down past Marie Lake on the far side of the pass. After a few miles, we came to the second scary ford - Bear Creek. This was a little trickier than Evolution had been. It was pretty deep (mid-thigh), the current was really strong, and the water was numbingly cold. To top it off, there were a million mosquitoes. I was carrying my poles in one hand and my shoes in the other, and the current made it difficult to keep my balance without trying to swat away mosquitoes! After successfully fording the creek and reapplying massive amounts of DEET, we headed onward. After several more miles of descent, we began our climb up to Bear Ridge - 1000 feet in 1.6 miles. We had our lunch about 1/3 mile in, then pushed on to the top. At 9900 feet, we took a left on the trail down to Mono Hot Springs and VVR (Vermilion Valley Resort). From there, it was 5.7 miles of nice (though buggy) downhill and ~2 miles of dirt road walk to VVR. Once here, we checked in (we get to stay for free in a tent cabin), picked up our resupply box and had dinner. Then showers and soon, hopefully, bed!

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