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Recent Forum Posts

Re: Class Of 2015
Lucky_Man - Sat, Apr 18, 2015
I'm doing a section southbound starting late July 21 or early July 22 from I-80 near Truckee and heading to Walker Pass, Highway...

Re: Worried About My Knees
jwohlhueter - Sat, Apr 18, 2015
Recently retired and turned 65. PCT has always been a dream and now I have the time. I am concerned about long term health affec...

Re: Organizing A Group For Early May 2015
Rover - Tue, Apr 14, 2015
Wow, doesn't look like you got any responses so maybe this isn't the right forum. As any rate, I am heading out April 25th but ...

Re: Worried About My Knees
jgar15 - Tue, Apr 14, 2015
I have hiked the trail and would say that from your description of what bothers you, that you will probably be ok. My dad hiked ...

Re: Worried About My Knees
atbaritone - Sun, Apr 12, 2015
I can't speak for the entire trail, having backpacked only the JMT, but I distinctly remember the JMT section having many tall s...

Looking For An Old Friend
Ron - Sat, Apr 11, 2015
Our group lost contact with one of the Gang. His trail name is TARIGO. He section hiked with us from Rock Fish Gap, VA to the to...

Another Bounce Box Question
Sundown - Fri, Apr 10, 2015
I have done the bounce box before on the AT and the PCT, I have also noticed that some of the PO's on the AT get put out with it...

Worried About My Knees
dcplagens - Wed, Apr 8, 2015
I have arthritis in both knees and am worried about steps along the PCT. Smooth trail is fine (even when steep), but lots of ste...

Re: Bounce Box?
stillroaming - Sat, Apr 4, 2015
5 gallon buckets are fairly popular, but not very roomy. I prefer a rugged plastic storage box large enough for an ice axe, seal...

Bounce Box?
Sealord3 - Sat, Apr 4, 2015
What makes a good bounce box (container)? What options are their, I know the cardboard parcel post boxes are available an seem ...

PCT Fires, A Graphic Look
postholer - Wed, Apr 1, 2015
From 2001 - 2014, the southern most 500 miles of the PCT has seen 49% of the trail burned. That's 246 miles folks. From 2009 - 2...

Re: WA - Mosquitos In August?
islandgirl - Tue, Mar 31, 2015
Thanks so much! We will be there on the cusp it sounds like but I will be bringing protection for sure, along with a daily dose...

Recent Journal Entrys

Day 2
PCT - hikerfaceplant - Today
Day 1: Mile 11. Day 2: Mile 26. Still going. Day 1 was the bus to Campo, then a walk to the start for compulsory photos. After 1...
Getting Serious
Entry Image
PCT - KatScratch - Today
So I have started a youtube account to track my preparation as well as other adventures i go on up until my PCT hike. I will be ...
Waynesboro, Virginia!
AT - thodge - Today
Hello all! We have made it to Waynesboro, Virginia! We arrived around 11am this morning after Yoyo called and secured a shuttle ...
Zero Day
PCT - Zog - Today
Actually, walking between the hotel and shopping area several times adds up to about 6 miles, but with no pack it is super easy....
April 16 - Thursday
PCT - Forrest - Today
Slept like crap. It was freezing cold. Luckily our water bottles and filters did not freeze. Some hikers we talked to during the...
Out Of The Smokies
Entry Image
AT - kes - Yesterday
Great short day to end the Smokies, which were physically and mentally exhausting. Pacecar and I left the shelter late after tak...
Day 15: A Quick Restocking In Big Bear City
Entry Image
PCT - d-c-nelson - Yesterday
The temperature was below freezing when I started to break camp, but I still got on the trail by 7:00 because I planned for a bi...
No Rain Is Nice
AT - chaseat99 - Yesterday
It was warm lay night and warmer today. Nice to hike in shorts. It got pretty hot towards the end of the day with not much wins ...
Day 11
Entry Image
PCT - stewart50 - Yesterday
So as promised a short day into Idyllwild after the coldest night yet. Got a breakfast tip from a local out for a mountain bike ...
Fresh Pine Smell
Entry Image
PCT - tpotter - Yesterday
I set out early in the cold morning air. It wasn't too long till it was hot though. The weather has been great with temps maybe ...
Journal Entry
PCT - andyj54 - Yesterday
I am getting kind of bummed out hearing about the high number of folks attempting a thru hike. I am hoping that the sudden inter...
Big Bear
Entry Image
PCT - dfmaher - Yesterday
Nero day, headed to Hwy 38, hitched a ride into town -first time doing that in1 many decades, took 20min to get a ride st to mot...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Caveman Motel

Caveman - PCT - May 11, 2012 - Day 15 - Holcomb Toward Hwy 173
". . .made it to the famous hot springs. Clothing was definitely optional. . . fishes kept nibbling on my toes." - Caveman

From where I was camped the trail changed back to the chaparral and other plants I am used to seeing in So Cal.

The first sighting of Deep Creek was cool, I had breakfast down by the creek near this bridge.

Most of the day I was hiking along or crossing Deep Creek. It turned out to be a very warm day. I didn't see one thru hiker in this whole section.

(view of the canyon)
At 11:30 I made it to the famous Deep Creek Hot Springs. Clothing was definitely optional. There were about 8 people spread out all over the different pools and they were all naked. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and dropped the drawers and had one of the pools to myself. I switched from the Hot springs to the cool temp pond where all the fishes kept nibbling on my toes. Definitely a first.

After lunch and the soaks I was refreshed and hit the trail at 1. Leaving the creek it seemed to warm up more. I didn't mind it but I found out later my feet did and threw on some tunes.

(one of the bridges I crossed)

(one of the dams)
Slowly descending past a dam and some more miles eventually lead me to a commercial yard lot where there are huge metal pipe sections and I realized this would make up the ultimate cowboy camp ever. It is clean, has a natural roof overhead and allows air circulation.

Saw another small gopher snake.

I should be done with section C some time later tomorrow. Section D -  I am pretty excited. Get to go back up above 9000' and get to hike up the famous Mt Baden Powell. Should be fun.
Trail miles: 29.7
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