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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for first timers and old timers.
Planning Synopsis - A short and simple hike planning guide.
Resupply - All the major resupply locations.
Gear Lists - See sample gear lists of those that walked the walk.
Plans - Itineraries, resupply locations as used by hikers.
Sign the Register - Virtual trailhead register
Stockmen - For those who hike the trail with their 4 hooved friends
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Printed Topo Maps - the most current maps available!
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Photo Atlas - 7,000+ flora and landscape photos geo-referenced.

News - News specific to the trail
Report Bikes on the PCT - Document bike encounters long the PCT

Trail Conditions
Fire Perimeters - Interactive map of active fire perimeters.
Snow Conditions - Current and historical conditions. Weather, too!
Snow Depth - daily update of NOAA snow depth map.

Recent Forum Posts

Re: Noobie Question
LaGrangePoints5 - Fri, Jun 26, 2015
Here is some info regarding shipping canisters with the post office:...

Noobie Question
supafly - Thu, Jun 25, 2015
Hey all, I am hiking in 2016 and this will be my first long distance thru hike and was wondering about mailing fuel, alchohol in...

Re: Update: PCT Lake Fire
postholer - Thu, Jun 25, 2015
will have no further effect on the PCT. To the east the fire has run into the 2006 Sawtooth Complex burn area and to the south ...

Update: PCT Lake Fire
postholer - Tue, Jun 23, 2015
The latest on the Lake Fire shows over 6 miles of trail has burned, entering the burn area at about mile 236 and leaving it at m...

PCT Lake Fire
postholer - Fri, Jun 19, 2015
The Lake Fire is affecting the PCT near Mission Creek Trail Camp and the North Fork MIssion Creek. To veiw the active fire peri...

Long Trail Maps Updated/Data Book Created
postholer - Tue, Jun 16, 2015
The Long Trail map set has been updated. There is also the addition of a new data book. You can download both from here//postho...

Re: Class Of 2015
Soggy Fox - Mon, Jun 15, 2015
Going on yet another section from Tuolumne to Donner Summit (I80). 215 miles in 10 days. Earlier this year I hiked from Mill Cre...

Re: Class Of 2015
quaxmonster - Mon, Jun 15, 2015
A bit late to the introductions party, but my name is Todd and I'm starting sobo from Hart's Pass on June 22. I'll head up north...

Re: New Pct Hiker For 2016
Alaskan Skorts - Sat, Jun 13, 2015
Hello thier, i am not a canuck but alaskan. I am also hiking the pct all the way thru in 2016. I am excited to read peoples stor...

Hello All
Alaskan Skorts - Fri, Jun 12, 2015
Just found this site. I am planning on a full thru hike of the PCT in 2016. I got my nick name because i am from Alaska and i al...

Hello All
Alaskan Skorts - Fri, Jun 12, 2015
Just found this site. I am planning on a full thru hike of the PCT in 2016. I got my nick name because i am from Alaska and i al...

Moderate/Strong El Nino Occurring
postholer - Fri, Jun 12, 2015
A moderate to strong El Nino is now occurring and has an 85-90% chance of continuing to ramp up into the winter. In fact, this ...

Recent Journal Entrys

Clarendon Gorge
Entry Image
AT - Quakerland - Today
Today was sunny and without rain. I climbed some steep ups and downs today. I climbed a high hill and when I got up there, much ...
Waiting Not So Patiently
Entry Image
CT - Ellen S - Today
The temps in Arizona are ranging between 100-115. Now add in the humidity with the monsoons starting. Makes for miserable outdoo...
Scrabbling Time... It's The White's
Entry Image
AT - BigBro+LilSis - Today
It's way past hiker midnight... 9 pm... As I write this. But, goodness an update here is overdue. Right now, Deer Dog and I find...
Day 89
PCT - somendn - Yesterday
Osiyo At 2am it started raining so I had to get out and put the rain fly on my tent. I woke up every time it started raining thr...
New York City
Entry Image
PCT - mike-nancy - Yesterday
On June 20th, we went to New York City. First, we had to get to the city and the easiest way to get across the river is to take ...
Blue Jay
Entry Image
PCT - Red-feather - Yesterday
Here is a picture off the internet of the blue jay I've been seeing except the ones I see are even more amazing. I saw another o...
Day 71 To Day 72
PCT - hikerfaceplant - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
Day 71 (Friday 26th June). Trail mile 1275. Miles 24.5. Day started with 3000ft climb. In the morning was much like yesterday - ...
Relaxing Couple Days At Donner Lake
Entry Image
PCT - maxmontano - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
Well I just had the most relaxing couple days of the entire trip so far. I spent most of Friday and all of Saturday and Sunday r...
Zero At Ghost Ranch
CDT - CiscoCombs - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
A rarity, a zero day that was actually relaxing.    Most zero days in a town involve walking from one end of town to the other...
Day 58
Entry Image
PCT - stewart50 - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
Got a decently early start anticipating a very warm day, which turned out to be true but without the predicted thunderstorms, th...
Starting Tomorrow
PNT - markdavis - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
I am in St Mary right outside Glacier NP with my wife Ellie, daughter LiAnna and son-in-law Alex ready to start hiking. We got o...
Counting Down
Entry Image
PCT - bobk - Sat, Jun 27, 2015
Just five more days until I hop on the train and head back to the trail. Thirstyboots says it will feel like I never went off tr...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Honeybee - PCT - May 8, 2011 - Trail Magic
We finished that ling descent this morning. There was a random drinking fountain at the bottom (mile 206), where we stopped for a break. The trail seemed to just keep going down and down, forever... but it finally end! After the water fountain there was a four mile stretch to I-10, which was by far my least favorite part of the trail so far. It was so windy it was hard to walk straight, sand stinging our faces. Not to mention that walking in sand is not an easy thing to do for miles! We made it to I-10 exhausted, and found our resupply box under the overpass that Special K had dropped off for us the day before. She had also left us an ice chest filled with bananas, strawberries, juice, an avocado, muffins, and chocolate! Wow that was an amazing treat. I had literally just been day dreaming about eating a banana an hour or two before. Special K is truly a trail angel! Thank you for looking out for us! There was also some other trail magic under I-10- An ice chest with water and beer, which we left for others to enjoy. We spent awhile relaxing under the overpass, eating our delicious feast. It wouldn't have normally been the most enjoyable environment, with the loud traffic going by above us, concrete, etc, but we were out of the wind so I was happy. And we saw our first tumble weed under there, too! We went another couple miles after I-10, so we're at about mile 212, very close to the Mesa Wind Farm. I can see some of the wind turbines out of my tent door. Tomorrow we climb up right past them... There are some questionable lookin clouds up there- I'm wondering if it's going to rain. I really enjoyed cowboy camping last night, but didn't want to chance it tonight.

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