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What is Postholer.Com?
Postholer.Com is dedicated to all folks who are awed and inspired by the natural world. Its purpose is to provide a place for the sharing of information in the form of hiking journals, hiker contributed geographical information (markable maps), climate and weather data for the triple-crown trails and of course forums for all other types of information.

Addtionally folks may find specific information regarding the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), as the proprietor of the site is partial to the PCT.

Vision and Purpose
The collective wisdom of the hiking community far out weighs the wisdom of any individual member of the community. To have just a fraction of that wisdom (in the form of information) in one place would be a huge asset to us all. Conceptually it's a simple idea. It's not a product to be bought or sold. Anyone with the simple desire to share their information may use this site as a depository.

The absolute lack of advertising or the absence of requests for any type of financial support should speak volumes.

This site is a reflection of what hikers want in a website. Many if not most of features on this site are the result of listening to those who have 'walked the walk', not just desires of the entity running it. As folks continue to express their wishes, I will do my best to reflect those wishes.

This site started out as a single web page hosted on my personal web site in 2003 called the 'Postholer Snow Page' as in postholing in snow when walking. Postholer.Com was a natural choice when it became it's own website. The snow page for the PCT, CDT came first followed by the forums, journals and 2 incantations of maps; a static set (defunct) and the far superior Google Maps.

Geek Speak
The hardware/software lives in a data center in the mid-west sitting next to a big fat internet pipe. The site owner/administrator lives in Crescent City, CA. The site uses Apache web server, PHP for server side processing, Javascript for client side, MySQL database, Google Maps API, PHPBB forum software and HTML/XML for presentation. All scripts and HTML templates were created with 'vi' (text editor).

The owner, developer and administrator for this site is Scott Parks. The only reliable way to contact me (unless you know my cell!) is to send email to public (AT)

By The Numbers (updated daily)
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Scott Parks

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