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Pacific Crest Trail Data Book

DEPRECATED *** Welcome to the Pacific Crest Trail online data book!

The most current and accurate data book can be found here.

Here you'll find over 2,000 data points with most of the Wilderness Press Data Book points duplicated, but with much more information. With this information packed data book you'll find useful info between points, such as, the high/low elevations between 2 points. Also, the amount of ascent/descent between 2 points. Of course the standard data associated with a data book is here also.

You'll also find elevation charts for each trail section, with min/max elevation for that section, total ascent/descent and the 3 biggest climbs in that section!!!

Resupply locations are bold text, water locations are blue text and water alerts greater than 10 miles are bold-red text. I'll be fine-tuning the water data info and adding new locations on an ongoing basis.


California: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R(A)

Oregon/Washington: B C D E F G H I J K L

California Section A

elevation chart

DescriptionOn Map(s)Total
from last
Next Near Trail WaterWater DirectionElevationHigh point
from last
Low point
from last
from last
from last
Distance off-trail
Southern TerminusA10.01.429122915291206
Dirt RoadA10.10.11.3287129022871041
Dirt RoadA10.30.21.1280228672802170
Forest Gate RoadA10.60.30.8271128022711394
Forest Gate Road - AgainA10.80.20.62708270826971316
Dirt RoadA12.20.82.2254726382547131171
Hwy 94A12.30.22.0246925392469078
Railroad TracksA13.00.71.3246524932398104108
Creeklet SeasonalA14.41.310.70237525412374179269
Jeep RoadA15.20.89.825522552236723659
Pipe GateA18.63.46.53356336925531054250
Dirt RoadA18.66.4334233523342014
Dirt RoadA1,A28.80.26.23338337633383943
Dirt RoadA1,A210.61.84.4337134043300398365
Dirt Road 17s08 - WestA213.73.01.3294034012939398829
Dirt Road 17s08 - EastA214.30.60.728432942284344141
Hauser Creek seasonalA215.00.74.6023172837231720546
jeep roadA217.90.21.7339134743391289
Lake MorenaA219.61.712.20307235183072171490
Dirt RoadA220.71.111.031403140303813466
Dirt RoadA220.80.110.9316231623144220
Buckman Springs RdA323.62.58.2307434643074474615
Cottonwood Creek water seasonalA323.80.28.03071307130611215
Cottonwood Creek water seasonalA325.11.46.631053156307310773
Boulder Oaks CG waterA325.70.56.13192319631059710
Boulder Oaks RdA326.00.35.8315531923155340
Kitchen Crk - SeasonalA329.63.32.23879392531451292558
Kitchen Creek RdA329.90.31.93996399638801225
Fred Cyn Crk seasonalA431.81.90.60421243303989707491
Fred Cyn RdA432. NW44084420421722226
Long Cyn CrkA436.94.50.705254533244031636790
Long Cyn Crk fordA4,A537.60.75.1054525452524227880
Morris Ranch RdA539.72.13.0601260365471714154
Burnt Rancheria CGA541.30.71.4592859285797230156
Mt LagunaA542.51.20.25920605059152452530.25
Stephenson Peak RdA542. S5978597859166810
second paved rdA5,A643.30.64.4591560105914106169
jeep roads terminateA645.21.92.5591860125837432429
Flathead FlatsA646.00.81.757745939577459203
spur to Laguna/El PradoA647. SE545057745394284608
road to Oasis SpringA647.80.10.8542054545420535
Pipe Gate - GATR RdA648. SW543454345282327313
barren saddleA649.20.53.555525563543621597
saddle west of Garnet PeakA650.71.62.0549955825423351404
Pioneer Mail Picnic Area seasonalA752.72.07.80525555565222267511
Kwaaymii Point RdA753.50.87.0545954625274312108
jeep road to Oriflamme CynA754.91.45.6524955195249407617
another jeep road to Oriflamme CynA757.82.92.74886533748727081071
second ridgetopA759.41.61.1502850334834687545
faint jeep track above Oriflamme CynA760. W478250844782151397
Mason Valley Truck TrailA862.92.41.3468948534680443536
upper Chariot Cyn by a road jctA864. N38564689385694927
Mason Valley cut-off roadA864.50.34.540724072385824933
cross a gapA866.92.42.1423842614037807641
Rodriguez Spur Truck TrailA868. W364642483646209801
rocky gap on Granite Mts north ridgeA972.13.15.83385365131179891250
another gapA973.91.93.9311933662973402668
reach Hwy S2A976.93.00.92251313622514331301
cross hwy S2A977.60.222782278227810
San Felipe CrkA977.80.223.80226122782261017
cross Hwy 78A978.00.123.622612261226100
pipe gate past the crest of San Felipe hillsA1086.58.615.033653399226139862882
dry sandy washA1087.10.614.5323933643239108234
ridge crestA1088.81.612.8360936583198842472
jct with east branching jeep roadA1090.92.110.7345136293401812970
3rd gate cacheA1091.70.89.9355035943454368269
cattle gateA1194.42.77.14162416235261209597
veer northeast at gapA1196.21.85.4439243924164979749
Barrel SpringsA11101.65.43.9034774413347615702485
Montezuma Valley Rd S22A11101.70.13.8345234813452429
jeep roadA11,A12,B1104.73.00.7332435473281732860
San Ysidro CrkA12,B1105.40.74.20335333873329154125
dirt roadA12,B1106.51.13.1349135673356313175
Eagle Rock SpurA12,B1106.60.13.03500350634842617
dirt roadA12,B1107.91.31.7348835153401251263
Hwy 79/Warner SpringsA12,B1109.61.74.81 NE304334853043223668
Warner SpringsA12,B1109.64.8304730473045401
re-cross jeep roadA12,B1110.20.64.2296930462969381
privately operated campgroundA12,B1,B2111.00.83.42930299829196099
under Hwy 79A12,B1,B2111.10.13.329292936292967
old jeep trailA12,B1,B2111.60.52.729632986293311278
dirt road jctA12,B1,B2111.90.32.52989298929623711
large campsiteA12,B1,B2112.20.32.22986299629841114

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