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John Muir Trail Register - 2015

Anyone can sign the register; thru or section hikers all count in our book! Think of it as a virtual trailhead register you can sign before you hit the trail.

If you have a journal here at Postholer.Com and it's not hidden, your name will automatically appear in the registry, no action is required. If you want to sign the register, Login and visit this page again and click the "Add me to the registry" link. You can Register first to get a login.

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Hiker Start Dates - 3 Month Window

Hiker Start Graph

Registered Hikers

#Hiker/TrailnameStart DateDirection
1) Kevin Taylor / Early B. Jun 29, 2015 Southbound
2) CrunchSA Jul 09, 2015 Southbound
3) Tree5-20 Jul 14, 2015 Southbound
4) jmt2013 Jul 16, 2015 Southbound
5) erin_said / No trail name Jul 29, 2015 Southbound
6) bobp297 Aug 01, 2015 Southbound
7) brickermp Aug 21, 2015 Southbound
8) crhall41 Sep 03, 2015 Southbound

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