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Recent Forum Posts

Re: North Vs South PCT 2015 June 1 Start
rferrari - Fri, May 15, 2015
I am in California, and have lived here all my life. With the other posts telling you to wait for a southbound trek, beware that...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
gg-man - Thu, May 14, 2015
Yes. There is lost no downside to starting in early to mid July. you will have plenty of time to do your hike and unless snowa...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
kiwi stu - Thu, May 14, 2015
Thanks for that GGman. I will have to make a final decision about 12 months out due to me getting leave from work. Do you think ...

Re: PCT And Public Transportation In California
rferrari - Thu, May 14, 2015
Of course it depends on the section of the PCT you are planning to visit. If you give me more info on the starting and ending po...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
gg-man - Thu, May 14, 2015
Unless you are limited to nailing down your start date way ahead of time, I would wait to see how the preceding winter turns out...

PCT And Public Transportation In California
claudebelley - Wed, May 13, 2015
Hi, I am Canadian (from Montreal) and I plan to do a small section of the PCT this summer (10 days in July). I will arrive in S...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
kiwi stu - Wed, May 13, 2015
Thanks alot for reply...exactly what i wanted to know. Mid to late June it is then Cheers Kiwi Stu...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
postholer - Wed, May 13, 2015
May will be way too early in a normal snow year. The pass through Echo Lake around July 5th. Personally, I wouldn't start from...

Re: Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
kiwi stu - Tue, May 12, 2015
Hi everyone....Kiwi Stu here again. Is there anybody here who can help me with the start time question i have posted cheers stu...

Re: 30 Days To Campo
gg-man - Mon, May 11, 2015
Please don't take these comments as a statement on your abilities. One of the few people I have hiked any length of time with i...

Re: Class Of 2015
joshsmallbone - Mon, May 11, 2015
Jim, this is super helpful. Thanks for your amazing information and we'll take your advice. Really appreciate your time....

Echo Lake To Bridge Of The Gods Questions.
kiwi stu - Sat, May 9, 2015
Hi There...Kiwi Stu here. I am an expat Kiwi from Christchurch NZ who lives in Brisbane,Australia. I can get long service leave ...

Recent Journal Entrys

Journal Entry
Entry Image
AT - jimmyjam - Today
Short day today as we are taking a nero as Slingshot's girlfriend who came up for the weekend to hike goes home tomorrow.Tomorro...
Pleasant Walking Today
AT - chaseat99 - Today
I sleep t very good at Dahlgren campground. It was packed with tents. A hot shower was nice too. Cooler than expected this morni...
Very Bad News
Entry Image
PCT - maxmontano - Today
Well really bad news. Kevin went to the doctor today and they think he has a small fracture in his ankle. He's going to head hom...
Cajon Pass To Highway 2
PCT - Eldon - Yesterday
The proximity of my home to the trail gives me the best of both worlds , hike all day , go home at night . That will end soon . ...
Nikki And I Are Reunited
PCT - MotherGoose - Yesterday
Nikki came strolling into Hikertown about 5 this evening that girl can kick out the miles. I'm so glad to see her, I now have re...
May 19 Thru 23
PCT - bback1 - Yesterday
I leave Big Bear after a day and a half. The trail travels east while descending from 8100 to 3100 feet. I enjoy views of the la...
Drought- What Drought
Entry Image
PCT - lramus - Yesterday
Rain. Hail. Snow. After one day in the rain had to beat a retreat to Truckee to get ano the rain jacket.The old one totally fail...
Round Two And Still Standing
CDT - CiscoCombs - Fri, May 22, 2015
Never make a joke on mother nature.     A calm night with brilliant stars, even through the bug net roof of our tent. I was a...
Day 31
Entry Image
PCT - stewart50 - Fri, May 22, 2015
Today started with some amazing trail magic at 6.45am, Goal Tech, a south bound hiker carries a huge sack filled with bags of ch...
Cajon (hall) Pass
Entry Image
PCT - Darthkev - Fri, May 22, 2015
We rolled into Cajon Pass around noon with high winds and low clouds. I walked into McDonalds, ordered two burgers and a giant f...
Zero In Mojave
Entry Image
PCT - Russell - Fri, May 22, 2015
Zero day in Mojave. We mailed home my 2 liter Blatter, and some water treatment tablets. With my water filter and Red Feathers w...
Another Day Off In Tehachapi
Entry Image
PCT - tpotter - Fri, May 22, 2015
I decided to stay in Tehachapi another day. I just had too many chores left to do and the weather is not so good today. So, I wo...

Journal Entrys Past & Present

PCT photo

Cold rattlesnake before Warner Springs (Next post)...

Fox Feathers - PCT - Apr 21, 2011 - So Much Socializing...
This morning I let Kaye sleep, as she has been struggling with a cold since about the second day. I didn't sleep well again, due to foot/leg/knee pains... Shoulda trained a bit more! But the lack of sleep did not seem to effect my day. Just as the sun peaked over the ridge above our camp spot, we were just about ready to go, after chatting with Twice, another hiker we are leap frogging with. We made it to the Third Gate Water Cache, about mile 91, at around 1130 am to see Twice snoozing smack dap in the middle of the the trail, amidst a dazzling number of gallon water jugs. I don't know who the heck gets all this water up here, it's a long haul, and there were at least a hundred jugs, some empty, most still full and all lined up in the shade.

The Trudger and Blistered Goat caught up to us again here as we lazed in the shade. Then came Yogi, who wrote the PCT Handbook, which I used, as well as a fantastic trail/town guide, which I have divided up by each of our resupply legs. You could call her a celebrity. She was pretty quite and humble, and using the same pack that I am this year. C: Two South Bounders came through and then two more North Bounders as well.

Kaye had lost her camera again this morning (second time) and when she came back after backtracking, I asked her if I could name her "Lost and Found." She liked it and so Kaye is named. She has also lost and found a sock, and lost but never found a tent stake as well as a chap stick...

She said that the day before, she thought of a name for me as I was dancing down the trail trying to take my mind off the pain... "Rockdancer." I liked the sound of it and it seemed fitting enough. So it shall be. We have our trail names.

Anyways, we also passed Halfmile, who made the maps I am carrying!! Unfortunately, I was rockin out and only took an ear bud out to say hello and ask how they were (he was with another hiker).

At 415pm, we stopped to rest and we would've been over joyed to camp... but the site was unfit... As we sat there, the two quiet ones that passed through the Third Gate, who passed us and then we passed them and now they were passing us, said hello. The one in back said, "We were admiring you two and how you just seem to float down the trail." A few days ago, another hiker said something to a similar affect. Funny, though... we don't feel like we're floating at all!

We passed mile 100 at around 5pm and took a picture. It was a guesstimate from the maps, since there is no sign to mark it. 100 miles on the trail isn't much in the grand scheme, but it sure felt good. We reached Barrel Spring, which is contaminated, but we had just enough water, and shared a sandy dry creek with Twice.

That night there were tons and tons of frogs! It reminded me of being on Sucia Island in the San Juans last Spring... The frogs are amazing there too.

Tomorrow is day 8 and we will get to Warner Springs after a 9ish mile stroll. Showers, laundry, HOT SPRINGS, and rest. WOOHOO!

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