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Idyllic valley

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Mary "Fireweed" Kwart
City: Ashland
State: Oregon
Country: USA
Begins: Apr 10, 2014
Direction: Northbound

Daily Summary
Date: Tue, Aug 19th, 2014
Start: Mile 3.2 Seg 6
End: Rincon La Vaca
Daily Distance: 10.9
Trip Distance: 754.8

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Gear list

Continental Divide Trail Map

My heart sank when I heard rain at 4:30 AM. I steeled myself for a day of walking in the rain. But, no, there were clouds but the sun came out. I heard splashing--a young elk was racing through the pond below, following it's mother. I saw some snow from last night's storm high up the face of the peak looming above my camp. It looked dark on the ridge where I would be climbing. I started hiking at 7:30 AM. I felt a lot better than yesterday. It must have been the larger dinner. I was happy that my goal tonite was Rincon La Vaca and would spend the night in the shelter of the trees. It started hailing a little about 12:30 PM, but then stopped. I made the mistake of taking another shortcut shown on the Ley map. "Old route went through some swampy bits. You can cut across , though." Yeah--and spend all the time you saved finding fords of the 2 creeks you have to cross. Then have to re-ford one of the creeks to get to the trail. This is the second time a shortcut from a Ley map proved more hassle than help. I was delighted with Rincon La Vaca--a long meadow with a level spruce-sheltered camp. I did pass by the campsite because it wasn't reaching my mileage goal of 12 miles. I went on and there were n o campsites. When I turned a corner and heard the wind howling and the trees getting scarcer, I turned around and beat feet tot the nice meadow camp. It seemed the weather was holding out for me to get to the camp and set up the tent and fetch water. OK--I'll hurry up. Not much rain fell but a tremendous wind with sounds like people talking--only trees creaking. The trees that survived the spruce bark beetle pitched the bugs out. It's ironic that the dead trees sired the surviving young trees and now will kill them when s forest fire comes thru.

Entry 71 of 71
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CDT New Mexico 2014



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