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Pacific Crest Trail 6th Edition Pocket Maps - 2015

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for Kindle, too!

Digitized Base Maps & 3D Hill Shading!

"Ever wanted a set of PCT topographic maps created with digitized base maps, 3D hill shading, recent hydrology data and land cover data that was 5 years old instead of 50? The Postholer PCT Pocket Maps are that and more!" -postholer

The full color Pacific Crest Trail Pocket Maps are 6" x 9" (15.2cm x 22.9cm) formatted topographic maps created in unequaled detail from next generation, digitized base maps. The entire 3 volume set contains 28 section overview maps, 381 sub-section maps and each volume has an entire PCT overview map covering all trail sections. No other complete PCT map set can match the detail and current data embodied in these maps. Order now!

Digitized Base Maps .vs Old Scanned Topo's


The 6th edition is the ultimate in PCT maps. Along with absolute clarity, seamless digitized base maps mean uniformity in color, style, textures and units of measure from Mexico to Canada.

Preview All Maps In Trail Sections A & B!

Mt Laguna, CA, USA
sample map

Sample data book page:
sample map

Map Features:
+ 381 full color, digitized topographic maps
+ Beautiful 3D hill shading
+ Highly detailed elevation chart on each map
+ Burn area perimeters for the last 6 years
+ Section overview maps with sub-sections and legends
+ Each book is 6" x 9" format at ~7oz for easy pack stowage
+ Accumulated trail mileage every mile
+ Resupply locations within 90 miles of map center
+ 1:38500 scale with NAD83 decimal degree tick marks
+ Data book information printed at each locale on the maps
+ Accurate trail trace is a hybrid of USFS,, et al.
+ Over 2,400 way points and resupply locations
+ Volunteer trail crew recognition on each map

Data Book Features:
+ Perfectly matched companion to the 6th and 5th edition map books
+ 3,956 locations along the entire Pacific Crest Trail
+ The most exhaustive data book available
+ Elevation charts at the beginning of each section
+ Distance to next water source
+ Total ascent between each location
+ Total descent between each location
+ Extensive notes on numerous locations
+ Water sources, trail junctions, camp sites, roads and lots more!

PCT Google Trail Map   Complete Data Book   Elevation Profiles

Order Your Printed Map & Data Books

Pocket Map Volume Price Order
Southern California A - H
Mexican Border to Hwy 120 Tuolumne Meadows, CA
Paperback - 146 Pages, full color, 6" x 9"
$31.50* Buy from Amazon.Com
Northern California I - R(A)
Hwy 120 Tuolumne Meadows, CA to I-5 near Callahans, OR
Paperback - 130 Pages, full color, 6" x 9"
$29.59* Buy from Amazon.Com
Oregon & Washington A(R) - L
Seiad Valley, CA to Canadian Border
Paperback - 162 Pages, full color, 6" x 9"
$33.59* Buy from Amazon.Com
Pacific Crest Trail Complete Data Book
3,946 locations along the 2,650 mile PCT
Paperback - 122 Pages, black & white, 6" x 9"
Buy from Amazon.Com
Kindle Edition 
* Price may be less, depending on Amazon promotions.

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